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Slurry and Tailings Configuration.


The PIP360-24 ring fits around the circumference of the pipeline and measures the pipe wall thickness at up to 24 fixed locations around the pipeline. PIP360 System sensors may be placed near collars, downstream of a pump or anywhere else where abnormal wear is expected.


What the system does:


  • Measures pipeline wall thickness at up to 24 points around or along the pipe.
  • Measures wall thickness on a predetermined schedule - daily, weekly or other, as determined by the operator.
  • Reports actual wall thickness readings.
  • Wireless data transmission – no manual data collection.
  • Provides the operator with the information required to help predict pipeline wear.


How the PIP360 system helps planning and maintenance scheduling:


  •  Actual wall thickness at the sensor location is measured and reported.
  • Wear trend is calculated to help determine pipeline maintenance scheduling.


Extra turns per pipe = Extra infrastructure life = Extra ROI


Wear profile is shown at up to 24 points on the pipeline, which helps to determine how far to rotate it each time.


Comprehensive historical records from each sensor location help to determine the effects of certain slurry and velocity related wear factors.