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Our business is pipeline erosion monitoring. We provide real-time continuous data-to-desk measurement of pipe wall thicknesses in challenging and remote environments.


The PIP360-24 (family of products) enables a true UT data-to- desk system for Asset Integrity and Maintenance departments.


  • 24 sensors per instrument provide high resolution data, which clearly shows the wear patterns and any changes that occur in the profile.
  • High quality and high resolution accurate data
  • See daily thickness changes in any steel pipe
  • Wear rates reported to suit customer requirements i.e. in mm/1000 hours
  • Updates regularly; see wear rates patterns when they change
  • Projected wear reports, (in weeks or months etc.) give improved asset lifetimes
  • Versatile deployments including monitoring leading edge wear and pipe wear profiles with a single instrument per spool
  • Wireless communication - no manual data collection
  • Instruments can be refurbished thus reducing costs


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Why PIP360?


The PIP360 wireless UT Asset Integrity Monitoring System uses state-of-the-art technology to automatically monitor pipeline wall thickness in slurry and tailings pipelines.

The PIP360 systems are rapidly becoming the cornerstone of asset integrity monitoring for major slurry and tailings pipeline assets.


Click here for more info on use in the Oilsands.