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Oilsands slurry and tailings is basically liquid sandpaper. Everything it touches:


  • Erodes
  • Corrodes


  • Both (erodes and corrodes)


As a result, maintenance practices tend to be very conservative and infrastructure utilization is sometimes less than optimal. Maintenance and replacement of worn infrastructure is a major cost to Oilsands operators both in terms of repair/replacement as well as the downtime.


The information generated by the PIP360 monitoring system is highly accurate. This enables Integrity and maintenance departments to operate more efficiently and aggressively.  The results include producing at higher rates and/or extending maintenance periods.


A continuous cost-effective method.


By using PIP360 automatic monitoring systems - engineers and managers have a continuous, cost-effective method to gain a better understanding of the performance of their slurry pipelines. This facilitates improvements in slurry pipeline maintenance activity and better asset performance/economics.


PIP360 systems are designed specifically for use in the Oilsands as such, they are able to operate very well in these demanding and harsh conditions. Providing operators with the information necessary to make informed decisions that would not be possible using traditional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods.


PIPVIEW for Oilsands Operators.


PIP360’s PIPVIEW Oilsands product is the result of many years’ experience with our Oilsands clients. An information system collecting, analyzing and reporting slurry and tailings pipelines physical parameters in a convenient reporting format.


 Through our collaboration with Oilsands operators we have developed significant internal expertise. It is this expertise that has led PIP360 to develop the PIPVIEW system, which will help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of both Asset Integrity and maintenance departments.


Good information leads to good decisions, our commitment to our clients is simply stated – we will continue to evolve the system to deliver the necessary information, which enables our clients to make decisions effectively, safely and have a positive economic impact on their operations.


As each Oilsands Operator may have unique individual requirements for reporting, PIP360 is able to offer some customization of the reporting system to address these needs. PIP360 developed the PIPVIEW system and maintains all of the expertise is required to modify the system as needed. This includes export to client systems through interfaces such as MODBUS.


Key slurry and tailings pipeline metrics for Oilsands operators.


The following metrics are currently reported by the PIPVIEW system:



  • pipeline wall thickness in millimeters from each sensor – there are up to 24 sensors per instrument configured in a “ring” pattern around the circumference of the pipe.
  • Information/data is presented in a graphical format as well as tabular format.
  • Raw data format - rotated data is normally provided, un-rotated data is also available upon request.
  • All relevant location information for each instrument – TMLID leading-edge, 6 o’clock position thickness data in millimeters. This is provided if the spool is outfitted with a leading-edge sensor in addition to the instrument [ring].
  • Wear rates are provided for each sensor individually – up to 24 individual wear rates per instrument. These are available in tabular as well as graphic format. Normal wear rates are expressed in millimeters per thousand hours. Several representations of the wear rate are available including a daily rate so that changes can be seen in a more timely manner.
  • Inclinometer reading is provided. This is used to determine sensor position as well as report any recent spool rotations as well as how far the spools were rotated and in additional services to support our Oilsands clients.


These services can range from additional analysis of the reports, participation in the preparation of the maintenance scope of work related to the instrumented spools, training for inspectors or asset integrity staff use and interpretation of the PIPVIEW system, to the active participation in assisting Asset Integrity departments within the scope of our instrumentation and information interpretation expertise. Services are available under contract or on an as needed basis.


Sample image of a PIPVIEW report.

Image of a sample PIPVIEW report.