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Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM).

Permanently mounted – always on and always there.


Unlike manual methods of test and measurement the PIP360 is a fully self-contained, permanently mounted Pipeline Wall Thickness Measurement System. The system installs virtually anywhere in your pipeline infrastructure at as many locations as you require.


  •     Always there – no need to send out a crew to perform NDT measurements.
  •     See your data daily from your desktop. No more manually intensive on site data collection from local sensors.
  •     See how much metal remains at each sensor location. This is not an inferred method of wear – this is actual metal remaining and the measurements are periodic according to your requirements.
  •     Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement is currently regarded as the most accurate method of determining how much metal remains in the pipeline wall under a sensor location.
  •     Permanently mounted ultrasonic sensors offer superior repeatability of measurements. Measure the exact point repeatedly over time – no variations due to sensor movement or inconsistent manual placement.
  •     Information at a glance in graphical form or drill down into as much detail as the sensors are providing. CSV files of the individual Pipeline Wall Thickness Measurements from each sensor are available for you to customize your own reports.
  •     Exact profile of your pipe at that point.