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Cross section of a pipe with PIP360-24 in a ring formation



Pipeline integrity management requires reliable and repeatable data presented in a convenient and comprehensive visual format. PIP360 collects periodic data according to customer requirements via its PIP360-24 automatic sensor stations.


These robust, all weather - deployable anywhere - sensor instruments are permanently mounted on the customers’ pipeline infrastructure offering continuous monitoring of pipeline wall thickness.


The comprehensive data from up to 24 individual sensors per instrument includes:


  • Pipeline surface temperature.
  • Inclinometer.
  • Direct measurement of the metal remaining in the pipeline wall.
  • Permanently install in a fixed location on the pipeline – always on and always there.
  • Scalability to any size pipeline from 6 inches diameter to ... as big as you need.
  • Any number of sensor locations your infrastructure requires – from one system to hundreds or thousands if necessary.
  • Self-contained – requires no external power or communications wiring. The units utilize a built in wireless network and are battery powered with solar recharging.
  • installation virtually anywhere in your surface infrastructure – either in the facility or stretched out over many miles/kilometers of pipeline.
  • The ability to add or remove sensor stations to/from the network with no manual configuration. The system is completely automatic. Put them on the pipe and turn them on.
  • Data transmitted wirelessly back to your office – no manual data collection.



Photograph of a pipe showing solar panel and PIP360-24 in a ring configuration.

PIP 360- 24


Designed specifically for the known high wear areas on your pipeline, the PIP360-24, offers a standard 24 sensor ring configuration. The sensor band is designed to fit 24” (61cm) diameter pipe and up.


The PIP360-24 is no ordinary ring; our design enables multiple sensors to be located outside the ring (for those wear/corrosion areas that didn’t get the “memo” about staying in one place).

PIP 360 -24 Pipeline Wall Thickness Measurement System is:


  •  Designed to fit around the circumference of the pipeline.
  •  Able to measure remaining metal under fixed sensor locations.
  •  Highly accurate ultrasonic technology.
  •  Accurate enough to enable system software to trend metal loss over time.
  •  Permanently mounted.
  •  Configurable from 1 to 24 sensors per station as you require.
  •  Designed for wireless data communication.
  •  Virtually unlimited in its scalability - Install as many sensor stations as you require.
  •  Able to have sensor stations added or removed from the network with no manual intervention.
  •  Automatic and hands free in operation - data transmits wirelessly – No manual data collection.
  • Battery powered with solar recharging. No mains power required.





One layout of PIP360-flex
Alternative image of one of many ways to configure PIP360-FLEX



The main advantage of the PIP360-FLEX is that you are not constrained by a “ring”. PIP360-FLEX is designed to give you total flexibility in the placement of the sensors. This enables you to monitor around, along or in any pattern that may be required on the pipeline.


PIP360-FLEX System


The added flexibility of this system is evident in the way you can order the product. With Flex you can order any number of sensors from one to thousands. This is because we not only provide the option of positioning flexibility, we also provide network flexibility.


 PIP360-FLEX - at a glance:


  • Measures actual pipeline wall thickness.
  • Permanently mounted – highly accurate Ultrasonic Technology with high degree of repeatability.
  • Periodic measurements to your specification.
  • Order as many FLEX sensors as you want and place them where you want.
  • Wireless communication of data.
  • No power required, battery powered and solar recharging.
  • No wiring required - wireless networking between sensor stations.
  • Virtually unlimited scalability - Install as many sensor stations as you require.
  •  Add or remove sensor stations from the network with no manual configuration.
  •  Automatic and hands free operation - data transmits wirelessly – NO manual data collection.


PIP360-FLEX sensors can be configured for cable lengths of 3.5 meter to 25 meters distance to the Sensor Station. Potentially up to 50 Meters of sensor reach is possible from end to end operating from a single sensor station. Unmatched Flexibility!




Watch here for details on our upcoming urethane lined pipe measurement system.




PIPVIEW is PIP360’s information system which collects, analyzes and reports slurry and tailings pipelines physical parameters in a convenient reporting format.


Effective reporting for the purpose of Asset Integrity Management begins with high quality data.

  • The data must be:
  • Reliable
  • Complete
  • Continuous
  • High resolution
  • Repeatable (in order to enable a high degree of reporting integrity)


From these reports, decisions can be made with confidence.


PIP360 is a data-driven company whose major deliverable to our customers is information and reports. Considerable effort and attention to detail at all levels of data collection, data quality and reporting make the PIPVIEW system an important part of our customers Asset Integrity Management for slurry and tailings pipelines.


Click here for information on using PIPVIEW in the Oilsands.