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Is your bottom line eroding?


Deliver Higher ROI.


The conceptual Return on Investment (ROI) equations are well understood:


1) Get more life out of your hydro-transport pipeline.


Extra turns per pipe = Extra infrastructure life = Extra ROI.



 2)Better maintenance scheduling.


Better information = Better planning = Better ROI.


The PIP360 Pipeline Wall Thickness Maintenance System measures the actual metal remaining in the pipeline wall at the sensor location. The system also provides trending data at those sensor locations.


PIP360 - helps you get a clearer picture of your pipeline:


    How much metal remains = how much life is left before maintenance is required (trending).

  •     Trending = how fast the metal is disappearing.
  •     How fast the metal disappears = when you need to turn the pipe.
  •     Knowing when to turn your pipe = better scheduling.
  •     Better scheduling = dollars saved in unplanned downtime and better coordination with other maintenance activities.


There are many factors to consider when rotating a hydro-transport, slurry or tailings pipeline.


Among them are:


  •     Metal remaining
  •     Pipeline wall profile
  •     Wear rate ...etc.


How you get this information is simple ... put a PIP on it!


Pipe rotation is a key factor in improving ROI.


PIP360 puts your pipes in profile.