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Plan and Schedule Pipeline Maintenance


Maximizing the lifetime of the hydro-transport pipeline is enhanced by knowing two things:


  •     When to turn a pipe.
  •     By how many degrees to turn the pipeline.





















To enable effective maintenance planning, scheduling and the turning of the pipeline requires accurate and trusted information. Predicting when to turn the pipeline is determined by the amount of wear in the Pipe. The wear is often at the bottom of the pipeline – particularly around the 6 O’clock position.


Common critical wear areas are:


  •     Near collars.
  •     At bore misalignments.
  •     Areas of turbulence in the slurry flow such as a direction change.


The PIP360–24 Pipeline Wall Thickness Measurement System is available in many configurations:


  •     Slurry and tailings pipeline.
  •     Hydro-transport.
  •     Almost any type of pipe material including many liners.


The PIP360–24 system is the most versatile of its kind on the market today.



Cross Section Diagram of PIP360 on a Pipe