Predictive Maintenance Management on Slurry Transport Infrastructure

By deploying automatic precision wall thickness measurement with arrays of sensors, coupled with data collected with wireless network, and adding data analysis and reporting for integration into maintenance Scope Of Work, you can increase service life, optimize maintenance, reduce capital expenditures, and reduce risk.

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What We Do

We have developed a specialized set of services that enable exemplary predictive maintenance management for Asset Integrity and Maintenance departments. This includes

  • Automatic daily precision high-resolution repeatable wall thickness measurement on arrays of sensors.
  • Complete historical data embedded for further engineering and systems analysis
  • Solar-powered wireless data and network diagnostics reporting to the cloud
  • Data-hosting, data verification, and expert data analysis using historical and location context
  • Dedicated algorithms for risk identification
  • Detailed pre-formatted interactive reports with prescribed rotation schedule with rotation angles to end of life
  • Complete historical data embedded for further engineering and systems analysis

Our Value

ROI of 800% on fully monitored trains and much higher when factoring reduced holeout risk.

  • Increase spool service life / reduce capital replacement cost
    • increase rotations to use more wear material if the wear profile permits – from 4 rotations to 6 rotations increases wear service life up to 50%
    • Set End Of Life (EOL) thickness target at 7mm instead of 9mm – increases service life 22%
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
    • No more take it apart to look.
    • Reduce rotations from 4 to 1 for all-around wear profile to reduce maintenance cost for the same service life.
    • Predict and prescribe Leading Edge weld repair for scheduled outages
    • Reduce (ineffective) manual UT surveys / reduce personnel risk
  • Reduce Risk of holeout, unscheduled shutdowns and cleanup
    • Advance warning of End Of Life
    • Easy planning for replacements


Our Approach

Our Approach to support Asset Integrity engineers includes:

  • install purpose designed Ultrasonic Sensor arrays to measure at representative and high-risk areas.
  • purpose designed instrumentation and algorithms for autocalibration of sensor measurements
  • solar powered dedicated wireless network to be independent of site power and site data network
  • dedicated data center to host data and enable system diagnostics
  • data review and analysis using proprietary algorithms and interactive review
  • preparation of preformatted reports with historical data for reference
  • prescribe maintenance options that can be interactively modified to suit maintenance optimization
  • algorithms to identify and predict risk events.
  • reports provide all supporting data for further analysis by site integrity and systems analysts




Our Expertise

PIP360 (Pipes In Profile 360°) slurry transport asset integrity support started with oilsands mining clients in 2009.  The suite of technology, services, analysis, and predictive maintenance management support has versioned to its present state where we are monitoring 500,000 sensor readings per month.  The array method for sensor placement is important to provide a clear picture of the wear (metal loss) profile and individual sensor location wear rates.

Vertically integrated business model to support AI and Maintenance

  • Sensor design from first principles
  • Analog, digital, and embedded microcontroller systems design
  • wireless network, data center, diagnostic and analysis algorithms
  • Instrument manufacturing, testing, calibration, and repair
  • Field services for system installation and on-site maintenance
  • Report generation with interactive capability for client optimization

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