Prescriptive Maintenance

Moving from Reactive to Prescriptive Maintenance

Traditionally, asset maintenance has been considered to be something preventive — and in many cases reactive, unpredictable and done out of pure necessity. Maintenance in this mindset is a cost center,
and not something that creates measurable value. However, with the ever-increasing need for overall asset reliability and optimization, all businesses should be looking to proactively address asset maintenance.

The ability to digitize and proactively monitor assets via the PIP360 solution has made it possible to revolutionize asset maintenance.

Leveraging that capability, our technology can deliver advanced warning of failures through a combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics, enabled by our integrated software and reporting solution (PIPVIEW).

This type of solution provides the time to plan around predicted downtime and provides a holistic view of the operation; plant personnel can see exactly how downtime financially affects the entire organization.

The ability to see wide and deep creates value by enabling the development of new ways of running the business. Digital transformation is knocking down the data silos and delivering the tools necessary to make sense of the data that is readily available. 


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