PIP360 Installations

The PIP360 / PIPVIEW system is used on slurry transport infrastructure experiencing erosion and corrosion.

The 24 sensor circumferential array of permanently bonded sensors is best way to get data for pipe rotation management.  The wear profile on slurry pipelines is quite variable.  Originally it was thought that the wear would be concentrated at the 6:00 position because of gravity acting on the slurry.  However, operating conditions that affect entrained air or chemicals can cause all-around corrosion that is accelerated by the erosion of the slurry.  We often monitor this erosion assisted corrosion or corrosion assisted erosion.


Slurry pipelines experience Leading Edge spot wear phenomena and the basic instrument has extra sensor channels for such spot measurements.

The Mini2, Mini4 instruments with 2 or 4 sensors can be mounted in areas of known erosion and corrosion risk.

An array of 24 to 32 sensors can be applied to monitor the wear on Chrome White Iron pump casings and suction liners so that adjustments can be made at opportune times to maintain efficiency and reduce wear rate (extend service life).

With special sensors, the PIPCOR system can be used to monitor general corrosion and pitting corrosion progression.

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