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At PIP360 we offer complete consultation services to analyze and define a project to implement the Predictive Maintenance Management that your pipelines need.

A shift from Reactive Maintenance that is typically performed today to a Predictive model has a number of benefits. A comparison of Maintenance Strategies is shown below:

Reactive Maintenance

Fix it when it Breaks


  • Low initial cost for non-critical processes and infrastructure


  • emergency shutdowns
  • emergency repairs
  • collateral damage
  • Most expensive in the long run

Preventative Maintenance

Replace it before it Breaks


  • Schedule outages
  • Fewer emergency outages
  • Lower collateral damage


  • More replacements than necessary
  • does not respond to changing conditions

Predictive Maintenance

Use Data & Analysis to predict breakage


  • Prevent emergency outages
  • Adapt to changing conditions
  • Extend service life
  • Lowest collateral damage


  • Higher initial cost for continuous data collection and analysis

The benefits of moving to a predictive model are known, and PIP360 offers a complete set of services to get to that stage. The industry best practice of Predictive Maintenance Management cannot be achieved with Manual Ultrasonic Testing (MUT) because of MUT data variability and long period between surveys. PIP360 enables you to do so by providing Automatic Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) services.

Feature PIP360 / PIPVIEW Manual UT
Frequency of data collection Daily Monthly or Quarterly
Data Quality +/-0.05mm +/- 1mm
Data points / TML Array of 24 + 3 spot sensors 1 to 24 individual positions
Time to establish wear rate 15 to 21 running days Quarterly to Yearly
Respond to operation variables 7 running days Quarterly to Yearly
Reporting Period Weekly to monthly Quarterly to Yearly
Data Analysis / Viewing / Reporting

-Preformatted and Interactive
-Historical Thickness,
-Wear Rates (based on running days),
-Wear Profile,
-End of Life (calendar days)

-Current Thickness, decisions based on thickness thresholds for alerts and alarms.
Time for Maintenance Planner to develop scope of work for 60 locations 9 minutes 1 day

PIP360 Predictive Maintenance Management

  • Precision Daily Data
  • Preformatted reports – historical daily thickness, current wear rate, Wear profile for arrays, EOL prediction.
  • Interactive analysis (complete verified data set with every report)
  • Interactive maintenance prescription
  • Weekly Heads-up reports of upcoming maintenance
  • Weekly Heads-up report of risk issues

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